Programs - presently suspended due to Covid Restrictions

The Whiteshell Cross Country Ski Club offers programs for skiers of all ages and interests.


WhatThe Jackrabbit program offers cross country ski lessons with the objective of teaching ski fundamentals within a framework of fun and games. Children aged 4-5 and their parents are introduced to having fun on skis in our Bunnyrabbit program. Jackrabbits is for 6-12 year olds and builds up confidence in the skills of classic diagonal stride, uphill and downhill skills as well as an introduction to skate ski techniques with a focus on fun and games.  Our coaches have all trained and received certification to teach cross country skiing.

Where: local ski trails, typically starting at the Manitoba Hydro Substation

When: Sunday afternoons

Ski Team

What: The purpose of the Whiteshell Ski Team is to provide an opportunity for junior and adult skiers to improve technique and fitness, while having fun. Participation in racing is optional, although one of our aims is to promote racing and increase our club’s visibility on the Manitoba racing circuit. The Ski Team is run by Peter Vilks for junior and adult skiers interested in improving both their skiing and waxing technique, and their level of fitness. Competitive skiing is an optional goal.
Where: Manitoba Hydro Substation*
When: Every Monday at 7:00PM. On Wednesdays the Ski Team participates in our Racers and Pacers program. A third outing may occur either Friday evening or Sunday morning at 10:00.
For more information please contact Peter Vilks at

Racers and Pacers

What: Racers and Pacers is a fun event where participants have the option of racing or just getting some excercise (pacers) in a social setting.
Racer: Skiers who ski a handicapped time trial of 1,2,3,or 4 laps.
Pacer: A skier who just would like to ski without participating in the time trial.
Where: The Pinawa Club
When: Every Wednesday at 7:00PM (Please show up early to register for the time-trial).
Course: The course will be set for both skate & classic skiing.

Typical race times will be in the range of 20-30 minutes,depending on racer’s or pacer’s age and ability. There will be no registration fee for the weekly event; but for insurance purposes, skiers must have a current registration with a Canadian ski club. The course will be set for both skate & classical skiing

Other Programs

We also provide basic training sessions within the local school system. From time to time we offer special clinics. Notice of these clinics is posted on this website and in the local media. Often we will have social ski outings as well. For more a list of events happening this year please see the Calendar of Events or event notices on our blog.

* The Manitoba Hydro Substation is located on highway 211 between Aberdeen and Vanier

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