Welcome to the Whiteshell Cross Country Ski Club

2021/22 WCCSC Membership Registration is Now Open!

Membership fees will remain the same for 2021/22. Membership fees include $18.00 paid for each individual and $32.00 for a family. This fee goes to CCSAM and to Nordiq Canada for insurance coverage.

Membership fees are as follows:

Family Membership - $90.00 (residing in the same residence)

Individual Membership - $55.00

Junior Membership - $20.00 (under 18)

Please register for a WCCSC membershp on Zone4.ca by clicking on the button directly below.

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Skiing is a safe activity for this pandemic season. Skiing on groomed trails provides the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and get some quality exercise. Social distancing is easy to do on a variety of trails. Our programs are on hold until the Health Regulations deem it safe to proceed. Warming cabins are currently limited to a maximum of 4 people and under the Public Health Order, mask-use is mandatory while inside.

The Pinawa Golf Course would like to remind you to stay off of the Greens, Tee blocks and Sand traps on the golf course trail. Thank-you.

For information not found on this site, please email info@whiteshellskiclub.com We will try to answer as soon as possible.

All trail work (all club work!) is done by volunteers during their spare time.

And we say 'Thank You' to them for doing so!

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