Trail Maps

We have three forms of our trail maps available for use. Please be aware that not all possible trail options are shown on the maps. From time to time special tracks (not shown on the maps) will be set for specific purposes, such as instruction and races. The tracks may or may not be set on those trails, depending on snow and volunteer availability.

The standard map is available in PDF form, Trail_Map.pdf. Good for viewing, printing and to carry with you while on the trails. 

Also available is a Google Earth KML file that you can download and view in Google Earth, Whiteshell.kml. This one is really good for viewing on a PC, for planning purposes while still at home.

The third form of maps is a Geo-referenced image of the back-country Whiteshell trails (SkiTrailsGeo.tif), that - when combined with the Avenza Maps smartphone app (available for iPhone as well as Android) will not only show the trail system, but also your location on them. No data connection required, once the app is installed and the map downloaded and 'imported' into the app (which can all be done using WiFi). Avenza will allow the import of up to three maps in the 'free' version. It is the most trouble to install for use, but offers the most benefit (IMHO) to first-time users of our trail system.

As always, GPS accuracy is limited, and all users of the Trail System are responsible to take all necessary steps to ensure their own safety. Call 911 to obtain emergency help, and ask for the RCMP for assistance. Cell phone coverage on the trails is good to fair in most locations with most phones - but not all.